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New opportunities

You know you really love your job when you get excited when someone gives you a big, fat, hairy, stinky problem to solve. Or as we like to call them: opportunities.

The pandemic has upended many of our lives and forced us all to find new ways of doing things. For those of us passionate about live marketing, it seems like a foolhardy mission to attempt to recreate the power of face-to-face engagement through a screen. And it is; that is why we don’t try to do that.

We find new ways of creating engagement, and it starts by listening to you. Then, we figure out together from there.

Whether you are trying to translate your event to a virtual or hybrid platform, or participate in someone else’s virtual show, we have a treasure trove of tools and technology solutions we can employ, but no one-size-fits all packages to offer. After all, your kindergarten teacher was right; you are special!

If you’re interested, we have some insights to share from our virtual experiences in this new world so far. Fill out the form below to receive our white paper on Virtual Event Best Practices, or you can reach out to see how we can help with your opportunity.

Experience it for yourself

Join us for the first hybrid EXHIBITOR FastTrak November 10–13

Louisville, KY and Everywhere

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We’re so excited

D&M is proud to be a sponsor of the first EXHIBITOR FastTrak accelerated learning conference to come to Louisville, KY as well as the virtual technology partner to help make this event available to everyone anywhere.

For many of us, it has been too long since we’ve been on the road and felt the gentle caress of the TSA agent, or the hot breath of our sleeping seat mate on the plane. We are ready to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! And of course engage with our peers, gain practical knowledge, advance our careers, yada, yada, yada.

EXHIBITOR and the managers of the FastTrak conference are working closely with D&M, local officials, and the venue to ensure all procedures are followed and we can make everyone as safe and comfortable as possible. We would love to see you in Louisville (did we mention there will be bourbon?), but if you aren’t able to travel, we are very excited to be able to bring this opportunity through a virtual platform.

We are strong believers in the benefits of the CTSM program offered at FastTrak (if you aren’t familiar, check it out here) with multiple graduates among our ranks and several in the process of working toward their certification. We also have two speakers, Steve Deckel and Leslie Word, who will be co-presenting a class with James Booth of Chevron Lubricants featuring a case study that recently earned a Corporate Event Award from EXHIBITOR Magazine.

Whether it is behind a mask and 6’ away, or shining through a screen, we hope to see your face there!