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Exhibit Designer

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Exhibit Craftsman

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Tour Manager

Trade Show Exhibits

With sometimes thousands of exhibitors at any given trade show, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. With over 50 years experience in the trade show industry, our team of exhibit designers and fabricators can create a custom or modular booth to meet your needs.

Activation Tours

Ready to hit the road with your new product? Our experienced team of marketing coordinators will help you plan and execute an unforgettable road trip. Generate thousands of impressions and captivating content with a mobile activation tour.

Corporate Events

Who doesn’t love happy hour? Corporate events are great opportunity to network and share your company’s core values. Our team of event planners will handle everything from venue selection to registration.

Marketing Strategy

We develop strategies, explore imaginative themes and approaches, and to ensure continuity, review other media you employ. We can also provide facts for goal setting and budgeting decisions, assist with show space selection, pre-show promotions and staff training.

Design & Fabrication

Our in-house custom fabrication abilities are enhanced by our partnerships with multiple modular exhibit system manufacturers. Deckel & Moneypenny designers and craftsmen are specialists in the trade show medium, each contributing individual skills to our extensive capabilities.


The customer service team at D&M are responsible for receiving, confirming and processing orders, placing orders for trade show services and show labor as required, coordinating all shipments, maintaining proper documentation and processing all related reports.

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