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Since 1964 Deckel and Moneypenny has been shaping the experience economy and developing new ways for brands to create lasting impressions.

So much has changed over the last 55 years, but one thing hasn’t changed: the premium our team places on creativity, craftsmanship, service; and our ability to exceed client expectations with every single engagement. Excitement is what brings our audiences in and the excitement to see what we do next is what keeps our clients coming back.

We are Makers, Experience Makers.

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How to Get Your Team to Follow Through After a Meeting

Paul Axtell March 30, 2017 ny team leader knows that it’s what happens between project meetings that makes or breaks a project. And yet it’s often challenging to keep a team motivated and focused on getting agreed upon tasks done. Ideally you’ve checked that everyone...

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Sales Reps, Stop Asking Leading Questions Most executives recognize a need for their sales team to act as consultants and sell “solutions.”  But many CEOs would be shocked at how poorly their sales teams execute on the strategy of consultative...

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Calculating the ROI of Customer Engagement

Calculating the ROI of Customer Engagement

We know that customer engagement matters. Yet much of our thinking about engagement remains simplistic. Most current definitions of engagement are bimodal – someone is either engaged or they’re not. But this is a limited view that hampers our ability to...

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How to Write Email with Military Precision

From HBR: Kabir Sehgal In the military, a poorly formatted email may be the difference between mission accomplished and mission failure. During my active duty service, I learned how to structure emails...

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Polite Ways to Decline a Meeting Invitation

by Liane Davey There it is in your inbox: a meeting invite to a meeting you really don’t want to attend. Maybe because it’s shoe-horned into one of the few remaining white spaces in your calendar. Or it’s for a time that’s already booked, and now you’re left to decide...

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Kodak’s Downfall Wasn’t About Technology

A generation ago, a “Kodak moment” meant something that was worth saving and savoring.. Today, the term increasingly serves as a corporate bogeyman that warns executives of the need to stand up and respond when disruptive developments encroach on their market.....

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A List of Goals Is Not a Strategy (HBR) by Graham Kenny

A List of Goals Is Not a Strategy (HBR) by Graham Kenny

Let’s say you’re getting together with other managers and employees to develop your organization’s or unit’s strategy. No matter how much discussion and enthusiasm you bring to the task, you’re likely to emerge with a list that looks like this: Growth Superior...

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